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Ziying Xu
Specialize in Finance and major in Economics University of Toronto
This internship has developed my research, analytic and critical thinking skills along with helping me gain more knowledge about precision medicine in a very productive and inclusive working environment. I really enjoyed working in a team on side projects as well!
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Inis Muhametaj
Biology Specialist and Health Science Major University of Toronto
OneDrug has an inclusive working environment where I feel valued and supported. This internship opportunity provides me with valuable hands-on experience in the biotechnology industry and allows me to work on a meaningful project that will have a positive impact on precision medication.
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Aryan Singh
Management Specialist University of Toronto
Internship Experience at OneDrug: During my 4-month internship at OneDrug, I worked as a business analyst intern on a project that involved developing a marketing strategy for their innovative point-of-care testing device. It was a great learning experience, and being a part of a start-up environment was unique as it allowed me to work closely with others interns and be involved in various aspects of the business. I'm grateful for this opportunity and the experience I gained during my time at OneDrug.
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Hsuan-Yun Lin
Bachelor in Chemistry University of Toronto
The internship experience taught me a lot but was not limited to technical skills. Chuk has given me many critical insights into our performance and helped me grow. Not a single word to describe how much I obtained during the journey; I wholeheartedly appreciated it.
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Taurance Ly-Tran
Fashion Arts and Business Humber College
This placement provided me with the opportunity to create freely under the guidance of Chuk and the rest of the team. It enabled the growth of both my technical and interpersonal skills. Collaborating with every team member was a rewarding experience, and receiving constructive feedback on my work was invaluable. Witnessing the marketing material I specifically crafted being featured on their platforms filled me with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
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Rajith Kunhi Parambath
UX designer Humber College
During my UX design internship at OneDrug, I focused on creating engaging digital content, including social media videos and texts, to strengthen our online presence. I also improved our website's user experience and interface. Working with a skilled team, I learned valuable UX strategies in healthcare, blending creativity with technical skills. This role significantly enhanced my professional growth and understanding of UX design's importance in digital communication, providing a rich, real-world learning experience.